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If you would like to have friendship

If you found a great friend or a group of friends, you would be so happy about it that you’d think “We’re tight!” You may think that if the friendship is good enough, nothing can mess it up, right?

Not really! Actually, even if you find the best friends you can have right now, there are still things you, or they, could do to mess it up pretty badly.

So, in order to avoid doing it, let’s learn how you can actually screw up a good friendship…

Don’t Reach Out More Than Twice A Year

This is the quickest way to do it – just stop calling, reaching out, sending messages, etc.

Just remember your friend whenever you really have nothing else to do, when you have enough time to hang out, when you actually feel like talking to them, and when all the stars align in favor of both you hanging out.

Yea, when that happens, and you do reach out, that friend will probably have moved on and barely can fit you in their lives anymore. You abandon them, so they abandoned you.

Ignore The Most Important Things In Your Friends’ Minds

This is the supreme representation of being “out of touch.”

See, people focus on things more than others; they pay attention to some things more than others; they love some things more than others; and fear certain events and problems more than others.

If you keep ignoring what’s most important in your friend’s life, then you’re simply out of touch.

They’d think that you’re out of touch at best, and don’t care, at worst. Either way, you’re probably going to lose that friendship.

Switch Sides Whenever You Feel Like It

Whenever your friends are arguing against somebody, or they got rejected by another group, then what you should do is calculate which side you should take, which one is better for you.

That way, if the people from the other group invite you to hang out, you should definitely go and talk badly about your previous friends.

Really, this sounds like kindergarten stuff, but it’s still relevant. People are still kinda “tribal” in nature.

If they think that your loyalty is dodgy, or shaky, you’re toast! You’re no longer to be trusted.

Only Show Up When Your Friend’s Life Is Going Great

This behavior is so annoying, it should probably be illegal… Ok, maybe not.

Some people call themselves “your friend” but can only deal with you when you’re celebrating something, when you’re happy, when everyone is on your side, and everyone is there too.

That’s nice, but when the going gets tough, they start to be busy and can’t afford to spend time helping you figure things up.

Surely, you don’t want to have friends who are whining and constantly need help from others, but, no matter how much of a winner is your friend, there will be a day or a period of their lives when they’ll need some support.

Ignore them at that exact time, and they’ll remember it.